About us

Lifeisart is a small gallery in the heart of Antwerp. We aim to provide a platform for both established and emerging artists, national and international. We look to discover and support new talent along the way and grow together, in mutual support, with our artists. We strive to be daring, unconventional and innovative in our programming and to contribute to the discussion of contemporary art. In an attempt to disregard all labels and approach art and artists with open eyes and no prejudice.


The story of Lifeisart begins a long time ago, when Alec Nierinck met the artist Patrick Van Hoeydonck, son of Paul Van Hoeydonck, and became enveloped in the world of art. The gallery’s activities kicked off ten years ago in the restaurant with the same name, which to this date holds on to its double identity as a cosy bistro as well as an art space for small-scale exhibitions as well as our permanent collection. The actual gallery is a small and elegant, two-floor space connected to the restaurant. We always keep one wall in the restaurant available for a work from the current exhibition, to create a link between both spaces.

Three years ago Alec co-founded KunST+ with Nathalie De Pessemier, who coördinates the initiative. KunST+ is a workspace for artists with a mental handicap. The workspace and the gallery are located in the same street,  representing and stimulating the dialogue between various concepts of, and attitudes towards art.


Are you an artist? Do you think our space might be just the right canvas for your work? Contact us or stop by the gallery!



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